MONTANA AFL-CIO is hiring a new COPE Director 


Job Description 

The Montana State AFL-CIO is hiring a new Committee on Political Education (COPE) Director. This position requires a dynamic skill set, capable of balancing numerous responsibilities and organizational duties. The COPE Director must have experience leading a team, understand the importance of extensive community outreach and union organizing to better the working conditions of all workers, know how to plan and execute issue based campaigns, and resolve logistical problems quickly. The COPE Director will help lead a diverse and driven group of affiliated unions and Central Labor Councils. 

The Montana AFL-CIO is a federation of affiliated unions that promotes better working conditions for all workers across Montana, whether unionized or not. For well over a century it has been the standard bearer for not only the working people of Montana but also the major stakeholder in pushing a progressive political agenda to “lift all to a higher and better condition” under the Big Sky. We lead the efforts for safer, healthier work environments, a living wage, and freedom of speech on the job at the legislature and in the community. 

The COPE director works under the direction of the Executive Secretary and reports to the Executive Secretary and Executive Board of the Montana State AFL-CIO. 


Campaigns, Political Activities, and Community Outreach

  • Develop and direct the Montana AFL-CIO member to member program 

    • Develop and implement campaign plan, targeting, and priorities in consultation with board and affiliates 

    • Manage release staff and volunteer members in the member to member program 

    • Oversee field logistics and voter outreach efforts 

    • Aid Central Labor Councils in volunteer recruitment 

  • Develop and direct the Working Montana PAC independent expenditure program 

    • Develop campaign plans, targeting criteria, and overall strategy 

    • Direct paid canvass program and staff 

    • Manage independent expenditure mail program  and independent expenditure phone program 

  • Develop and implement off cycle issue based campaigns 

  • Work with National AFL-CIO to maintain a useful and effective voter file  

  • Represent the Montana AFL-CIO in political, community, and legislative coalitions 



  • Aid Central Labor Councils in local political action  

  • Coordinate the bi-annual COPE committee 

  • Aid Central Labor Councils in candidate interview process 

  • Work on targeted candidate recruitment of pro-jobs union members to run for legislature 

  • Aid affiliates with internal priorities 




  • Represent the Montana AFL-CIO in the Legislature 

  • Coordinate the Montana AFL-CIO Labor Lobby meetings and strategy 

  • Represent the Montana AFL-CIO in interim committees  

  • Develop grassroots legislative mobilization program 

  • Coordinate member educations programs on priority legislation Communicate with labor leadership, internal staff and volunteers regarding legislative 

  • activities 

  • Develop the Montana AFL-CIO Scorecard and Transmittal Report 


Additional Duties 

  • Analyze and understand local and national legislation impact to workers and the labor movement 

  • Develop expertise in subject matters related to workers and the labor movement (i.e. workers compensation) 

  • Keep current with local labor issues by making personal visits and phone calls to labor leadership, attending central labor council meetings and following media/social media related to workers and the labor movement 

  • Additional duties as assigned by the Executive Secretary 


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 

  • Ability to work well with diverse membership and elected leaders 

  • Administrative knowledge of the LAN/VAN and Catalyst 

  • Working knowledge of Word, Excel, Google Docs 

  • Ability to draft reports, speeches and memos 

  • Ability to listen critically, interpersonal and problem solving skills 

  • Strong analytical background 

  • Knowledge of U.S and Montana labor history 

Education and Experience 

  • Degree in Science, Marketing or another applicable field plus a minimum of 2-3 years in community, labor or political organizing 


Additional Requirements 

  • Extensive travel is required 


This is a permanent position and is covered by a collective bargaining agreement. 


Compensation includes: salary($65,000-$75,000) depending on experience, health insurance, pension, disability and life insurance 


Please submit a cover letter, resume and three professional references to: 

James Holbrook, Executive Secretary Montana State AFL-CIO 

2711 AirportRd. Helena, MT 59601 

Phone 406-839-3050 

Equal Opportunity Employer