The Montana Federation of Public Employees (MFPE)

Quick facts

  • MFPE is an affiliate of the Montana AFL-CIO

  • MFPE represents 25,000 hardworking Montanans

  • MFPE was created in 2018 when MEA-MFT and the Montana Public Employees Association merged


(The MFPE Logo)

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Contact MFPE

1232 East Sixth Ave
Helena, MT 59601

Phone: 406-442-4250 or 800-398-0826
Fax: 406-443-5081

More about MFPE

Over 6,500 MFPE members are city, county, and state employees in a wide variety of jobs, from highway patrol officers to nurses, from wildlife biologists to accountants. Other MFPE members include are school and university employees -- teachers and staff in Head Start, K-12 schools, and higher education. All MFPE members are committed to defending and growing the Montana labor movement and middle class. 

Since the 2018 merger, MFPE has continued to grow in membership numbers and quality of services delivered to public employees living and working across Montana. The tie that binds MFPE members together is a dedication to public service and to the professional and economic well-being of Montana’s public employees. MFPE, Montana’s largest union, continues to be a federation of the people, by the people and for the people.  

Attacks on Public Employees

Corporate special interests are threatened when working people stand together and speak with one voice. That's why a number of groups, including the Freedom Foundation, are targeting MFPE members with lies and attempting to get them to opt-out of membership. Make no mistake, these organizations don't care about workers, they care about weakening the voice of the working class.

One of the best ways to fight back against the opt-out campaigns is to form a union