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Join the fight for our freedom to bargain for a fair deal


Paid Canvassers and Leads in Communities Across Montana


The Montana AFL-CIO is a federation of 38 unions and 500 locals collectively representing over 50,000 working Montanans. Our membership includes workers in public and private sector jobs, from teachers and state employees, to nurses and construction workers. We are proud to be the largest and most diverse organization that is working to achieve economic justice for working people and their families, regardless of whether they enjoy the benefits of a collective bargaining agreement.

Job Description

Job Description

The 2024 Election will be a critical moment for the Montana labor movement and for working people across the state. As such, the Montana AFL-CIO will be engaged in specific labor-related issue canvasses that promote and educate the public about pro-worker economic policies that benefit union members and non-union members alike. We are also focused on electing pro-worker candidates up and down the ballot to ensure working people have a seat at the decision-making table. We are looking to bring on motivated staff to knock on doors in critical legislative districts in the Billings area to ensure that pro-worker issues are at the front of voters’ minds and to elect pro-worker candidates in November.

The Montana AFL-CIO is seeking paid canvassing leads and paid canvassers across several Montana communities. Applicants can download job descriptions for each community below, including instructions for how to apply for each position. 

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