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The proposed Great Falls Public Safety Levy will be on your November 7 election ballot.

Make your voice heard and vote on your mail-in ballot.

  • Now is the time. It's been more than 50 years since Great Falls voters have passed public safety funding.

  • Since then (1969), the city has grown by 44% and fire and emergency medical calls have increased by 700%, straining public safety systems and compromising the safety of Great Falls citizens in an emergency situation. 

  • 41% of the City of Great Falls is now facing emergency response times beyond 4 minutes, the national standard.

  • 50% of the time, more than one fire and medical emergency occurs simultaneously, but city emergency services can only respond to one call at a time right now. 

  • This levy will fund: 

    • 32 firefighters,

    • 24 police officers including 2 more school resource officers,

    • 8 new court and legal positions to help our overloaded court and legal systems, 

    • 2 additional 911 dispatchers, 

    • and new equipment and training to keep our first responders efficient, effective, and safe.

  • Learn more about the Great Falls Safety Levy here.

Paid for by Montana State AFL-CIO, Quint Nyman, Treasurer, 210 East Lyndale Ave., Helena, MT 59601

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